Geobacter metallireducens accesses insoluble Fe(iii) oxide by chemotaxis

  title={Geobacter metallireducens accesses insoluble Fe(iii) oxide by chemotaxis},
  author={Susan E. Childers and Stacy Ciufo and Derek R. Lovley},
Microorganisms that use insoluble Fe(iii) oxide as an electron acceptor can have an important function in the carbon and nutrient cycles of aquatic sediments and in the bioremediation of organic and metal contaminants in groundwater. Although Fe(iii) oxides are often abundant, Fe(iii)-reducing microbes are faced with the problem of how to access effectively an electron acceptor that can not diffuse to the cell. Fe(iii)-reducing microorganisms in the genus Shewanella have resolved this problem… CONTINUE READING