Genus Athyrium Roth (Athyriaceae: Pteridophyta) from Gujarat State

  title={Genus Athyrium Roth (Athyriaceae: Pteridophyta) from Gujarat State},
  author={Ronak N. Kachhiyapatel and Sachin M Patil and Vinay M. Raole and Kishore Shankarsinh Rajput},
  journal={Plant Science Today},
Present study deals with the diversity, distribution and conservation status of the genus Athyrium Roth in different climatic regimes of Gujarat state. Five species of Athyrium viz., A. hohenackerianum T. Moore, A. falcatum Bedd., A. micropterum Fraser-Jenk., A. parasnathense (C.B.Clarke) Ching ex Mehra & Bir and A. schimperi subsp. biserrulatum (Christ) Fraser-Jenk., were collected form the Gujarat state, of which A. hohenackerianum T. Moore is documented earlier. Therefore, occurrence of A… 
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