Gentamicin concentrations in human subcutaneous tissue.


Wound infections frequently originate from the subcutaneous tissue. The effect of gentamicin in subcutaneous tissue has, however, normally been evaluated from concentrations in blood or wound fluid. The aim of the present study was to investigate the pharmacokinetic properties of gentamicin in human subcutaneous adipose tissue by a microdialysis technique. Seven healthy young volunteers each had four microdialysis probes placed in the fat (subcutaneous) layer of the abdominal skin. After the administration of a 240-mg gentamicin intravenous bolus, consecutive measurements of the drug concentrations in serum and subcutaneous interstitial fluid were obtained simultaneously for 6 h. The tissue gentamicin concentration peaked after 10 to 30 min. The peak concentration in the tissue was 6.7 +/- 2.0 mg.liter-1 (standard deviation), equivalent to 39.1% of the peak concentration in serum. The area under the concentration-versus-time curve for the first 6 h in the tissue was 1,281 +/- 390.0) mg.min liter-1, equivalent to 59.7% of the area under the concentration-versus-time curve in serum. It is concluded that the microdialysis technique can be used to make dynamic and quantitative measurements of the gentamicin concentration in human subcutaneous tissue. In this adipose tissue, the peak concentrations of gentamicin were approximately seven times the MIC for Pseudomonas aeruginosa and 33 times the MIC for Staphylococcus aureus after the administration of an intravenous bolus of 240 mg, indicating the presence of sufficient concentrations in the adipose tissue to be effective against common bacteria.


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