Genotyping of Babesia bigemina from cattle from a non-endemic area (Switzerland).

  title={Genotyping of Babesia bigemina from cattle from a non-endemic area (Switzerland).},
  author={Heidi Hilpertshauser and Peter Deplazes and Marina L Meli and Regina Hofmann-Lehmann and H. -M. Lutz and A. Gschaedler Mathis},
  journal={Veterinary parasitology},
  volume={145 1-2},
In August 2002, bovine anaplasmosis and concurrent infections with Mycoplasma sp. and piroplasms were reported in a cattle herd in an alpine region of Switzerland. The piroplasms were identified by PCR/sequencing of part of the 18S rRNA gene as Babesia bigemina and Theileria of the buffeli/sergenti/orientalis-complex, which have never been diagnosed in Switzerland before. The B. bigemina isolate was genetically characterised at two loci and compared with isolates from Italy, Spain, Turkey… CONTINUE READING

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