Genotypes and alkaloid contents of Datura metel varieties.

  title={Genotypes and alkaloid contents of Datura metel varieties.},
  author={Nobutsugu Hiraoka and K Tashimo and Chiharu Kinoshita and M Hiro'oka},
  journal={Biological & pharmaceutical bulletin},
  volume={19 8},
Datura metel L. var. muricata (BERNH.) DANERT was found to be double recessive with respect to the genes concerning the color and form of the corolla by breeding experiments involving four varieties, i.e. var. metel (white, simple corolla), var. rubra (purple, simple), var. fastuosa (purple, double or triple) and var. muricata (white, purple). The results support the proposal by Danert and others that these variants should be considered as varieties or forms of a single species, Datura metel… CONTINUE READING