Genotype, haplotype and copy-number variation in worldwide human populations

  title={Genotype, haplotype and copy-number variation in worldwide human populations},
  author={M. Jakobsson and S. Scholz and P. Scheet and J. Gibbs and Jenna M Vanliere and Hon-Chung Fung and Zachary A. Szpiech and J. Degnan and K. Wang and R. Guerreiro and J. Br{\'a}s and J. Schymick and D. Hernandez and B. Traynor and Javier Sim{\'o}n-S{\'a}nchez and M. Matarin and A. Britton and J. V. D. Leemput and I. Rafferty and M. Bucan and H. Cann and J. Hardy and N. Rosenberg and A. Singleton},
  • M. Jakobsson, S. Scholz, +21 authors A. Singleton
  • Published 2008
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Nature
  • Genome-wide patterns of variation across individuals provide a powerful source of data for uncovering the history of migration, range expansion, and adaptation of the human species. However, high-resolution surveys of variation in genotype, haplotype and copy number have generally focused on a small number of population groups. Here we report the analysis of high-quality genotypes at 525,910 single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and 396 copy-number-variable loci in a worldwide sample of 29… CONTINUE READING
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