Genoprevalence in human tissues of TT-virus genotype 6

  title={Genoprevalence in human tissues of TT-virus genotype 6},
  author={Laura Kakkola and N. Kaipio and Kati Hokynar and Pauli Antero Puolakkainen and Petri S Mattila and Arto Kokkola and Esa K. Partio and A.-M. Eis-H{\"u}binger and Maria S{\"o}derlund-Venermo and Klaus Hedman},
  journal={Archives of Virology},
TT virus (TTV) is a newly discovered human virus of high genotypic diversity. TTV is widely distributed among humans, but the possible genotype-related differences in TTV biology are not well known. The prevalence and amount of TTV-DNA, especially of genotype 6, was determined by nested-PCR in various human tissues, and human parvovirus B19, another ssDNA virus, was used as a reference. TTV DNA was detected simultaneously in bile, peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) and plasma of 77… CONTINUE READING


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