Genomics and metabolomics of muscular mass in a community-based sample of UK females

  title={Genomics and metabolomics of muscular mass in a community-based sample of UK females},
  author={M. A. Korostishevsky and Claire J Steves and Ida Malkin and Tim D. Spector and Frances M K Williams and Gregory Livshits},
  journal={European Journal of Human Genetics},
The contribution of specific molecular-genetic factors to muscle mass variation and sarcopenia remains largely unknown. To identify endogenous molecules and specific genetic factors associated with appendicular lean mass (APLM) in the general population, cross-sectional data from the TwinsUK Adult Twin Registry were used. Non-targeted mass spec-based metabolomic profiling was performed on plasma of 3953 females (mostly dizygotic and monozygotic twins). APLM was measured using dual-energy X-ray… CONTINUE READING
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