Genomic organization and isoforms of the mouse ELP gene.

  title={Genomic organization and isoforms of the mouse ELP gene.},
  author={Yoshifumi Ninomiya and Maki Okada and N Kotomura and Kazuhiro Suzuki and Tomoyuki Tsukiyama and Ohtsura Niwa},
  journal={Journal of biochemistry},
  volume={118 2},
Analysis was made on the genomic structure, functions, and expression of the mouse ELP gene, which codes for the embryonal long terminal repeat binding protein. Extensive screening of the cDNA library of embryonal carcinoma cells (EC cells) identified four isoforms of ELP: ELP1 (the original ELP isolate), ELP2, ELP3, and Ad4BP/SF1. Analysis of the genomic sequences revealed that these ELP isoforms were generated by alternative promoter usage and differential splicing. The mRNAs of isoforms… CONTINUE READING
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