Genomic organization and assignment of VAMP2 to 17p12 by FISH.


We describe the complete sequence, genomic organization, and FISH chromosome mapping of the human VAMP2. We identified a 7-kb clone, pISSHG2b3A, containing the entire structure of VAMP2. Previous studies performed by others identified a 5-kb clone, pVPC5-2, containing the incomplete VAMP2. The pVPC5-2 clone was partially sequenced and mapped to the broad region 17pter-->p12 by somatic cell hybridization. Our clone overlaps the pVPC5-2 clone and extends approximately 2 kb at the 3' end. In this study, we mapped this gene more precisely on 17p12 by FISH and we found a new polymorphic microsatellite, (GT)(7)CC(GT)(5), in exon V. This microsatellite, revealing three alleles with frequencies of 0.778, 0.139, and 0.083, might be useful for future linkage studies. Finally, we localized three previously known markers, stSG12859, TIGR-A002F11, and WIAF-1699 (alias stSG4044), in the 3' untranslated region of the gene.

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