Genomic instability in breast cancer: pathogenesis and clinical implications.

  title={Genomic instability in breast cancer: pathogenesis and clinical implications.},
  author={Kevin A. Kwei and Yvonne Kung and Keyan Salari and Ilona N. Holcomb and Jonathan R. Pollack},
  journal={Molecular oncology},
  volume={4 3},
Breast cancer is a heterogeneous disease, appreciable by molecular markers, gene-expression profiles, and most recently, patterns of genomic alteration. In particular, genomic profiling has revealed three distinct patterns of DNA copy-number alteration: a "simple" type with few gains or losses of whole chromosome arms, an "amplifier" type with focal high-level DNA amplifications, and a "complex" type marked by numerous low-amplitude changes and copy-number transitions. The three patterns are… CONTINUE READING

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