Genomic imprinting at a boundary element flanking the SDHD locus.


Germline mutations in SDHD, a mitochondrial complex II (succinate dehydrogenase) subunit gene at chromosome band 11q23, cause highly penetrant paraganglioma (PGL) tumors when transmitted through fathers. In contrast, maternal transmission rarely, if ever, leads to tumor development. The mechanism underlying this unusual monogenic tumor predisposition pattern is poorly understood. Here, we describe identification of imprinted methylation within an alternative promoter for a large intergenic non-coding RNA located at a distant gene desert boundary flanking SDHD. Methylation at this site primarily occurs within two consecutive HpaII restriction enzyme sites in a tissue-specific manner, most commonly in the adrenal gland. Informative fetal tissues and PGL tumors demonstrate maternal allelic hypermethylation. While a strong binding site for the enhancer-blocking protein CTCF within the alternative promoter shows no evidence of methylation, hyper-methylated adrenal tissues show increased binding of the chromatin-looping factor cohesin relative to the hypo-methylated tissues. These results suggest that the differential allelic methylation we observe at this locus is associated with altered chromatin architectures. These results provide molecular evidence for imprinting at a boundary element flanking the SDHD locus and suggest that epigenetic suppression of the maternal allele is the underlying mechanism of the imprinted penetrance of SDHD mutations.

DOI: 10.1093/hmg/ddr376

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