Genomic ancestry in urban Afro-Brazilians.

  title={Genomic ancestry in urban Afro-Brazilians.},
  author={Yara Costa Netto Muniz and Luzitano Brand{\~a}o Ferreira and Celso Teixeira Mendes-Junior and Cl{\'a}udia Em{\'i}lia Vieira Wiezel and Aguinaldo L Sim{\~o}es},
  journal={Annals of human biology},
  volume={35 1},
Brazil is the result of interethnic crosses of European, African and Amerindian populations. Allelic frequencies for seven STR loci (TH01, TPOx, CSF1PO, vWA, FES/FPS, F13A1 and CD4), obtained from a sample of 70 individuals identified as Afro-Brazilian and 150 as mulatto, are presented here. Based on the frequencies of these genetic markers, estimates of interethnic admixture showed 62%, 26% and 12% of European, African and Amerindian contribution, respectively, for the mulatto sample and 37… CONTINUE READING

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