Genome-wide survey of the gene expression response to saprolegniasis in Atlantic salmon.

  title={Genome-wide survey of the gene expression response to saprolegniasis in Atlantic salmon.},
  author={Christian Roberge and David J P{\'a}ez and Orlane Rossignol and Helga E Guderley and Julian J. Dodson and Louis Bernatchez},
  journal={Molecular immunology},
  volume={44 6},
Pathogenic saprolegniaceae species are among the major disease-causing agents in farmed salmonids and in freshwater fish in general. Recent studies have used high-throughput cDNA-based methods to identify new potential actors of fish defence systems against various bacteria and viruses. However, the response of fish to fungal or fungus-like pathogens is still poorly documented. Here, we used a 16,006-gene salmonid cDNA microarray to identify genes which transcription levels are modified in… CONTINUE READING
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