Genome-wide significant association with seven novel multiple sclerosis risk loci.

  title={Genome-wide significant association with seven novel multiple sclerosis risk loci.},
  author={Christina M. Lill and Felix Luessi and Antonio Alcina and Ekaterina Alekseevna Sokolova and Nerea Ugidos and Bel{\'e}n de la Hera and Lena Guillot-n{\"o}el and Sunny Malhotra and Eva Maria Reinthaler and Brit-Maren Michaud Schjeide and J Y Mescheriakova and Andriy Mashychev and Inken Wohlers and Denis Amer Akkad and Orhan Aktas and Iraide Alloza and Alfredo Antig{\"u}edad and Rafa Arroyo and Ianire Astobiza and Paul M. Blaschke and Alexei N Boyko and Mathias Buttmann and Andrew Sk Chan and Thomas D{\"o}rner and J{\"o}rg T. Epplen and Olga Olegovna Favorova and Mar{\'i}a Fedetz and Oscar Fern{\'a}ndez and {\'A}ngel Enrique Garc{\'i}a-Mart{\'i}nez and L. A. Gerdes and Christiane Graetz and Hans-Peter Hartung and Sabine Hoffjan and Guillermo Izquierdo and Denis Sergeevich Korobko and Antje Kroner and Christian Kubisch and Tania Kuempfel and L Navea Leyva and Peter Lohse and Nadezhda Alekseevna Malkova and Xavier Montalban and Ekaterina Valerievna Popova and P. Rieckmann and Alexei S Rozhdestvenskii and Christiane Schmied and Inna Vadimovna Smagina and Ekaterina Y Tsareva and Alexander Winkelmann and Uwe K. Zettl and Harald Binder and Isabelle Cournu-Rebeix and Rogier Q. Hintzen and Alexander Zimprich and Manuel Comabella and Bertrand Fontaine and Elena Urcelay and Koen Vandenbroeck and Maxim Filipenko and Fuencisla Matesanz and Frauke Zipp and Lars Bertram},
  journal={Journal of medical genetics},
  volume={52 12},
OBJECTIVE A recent large-scale study in multiple sclerosis (MS) using the ImmunoChip platform reported on 11 loci that showed suggestive genetic association with MS. Additional data in sufficiently sized and independent data sets are needed to assess whether these loci represent genuine MS risk factors. METHODS The lead SNPs of all 11 loci were genotyped in 10 796 MS cases and 10 793 controls from Germany, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Austria and Russia, that were independent from the… CONTINUE READING

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