Genome-wide functional synergy between amplified and mutated genes in human breast cancer.

  title={Genome-wide functional synergy between amplified and mutated genes in human breast cancer.},
  author={Yuri Nikolsky and Evgeny Sviridov and Jun Yao and Damir Dosymbekov and Vadim Ustyansky and Valery Kaznacheev and Zolt{\'a}n Dezso and Laura Mulvey and Laura E Macconaill and Wendy Winckler and Tatiana Serebryiskaya and Tatiana Nikolskaya and Korn{\'e}lia Poly{\'a}k},
  journal={Cancer research},
  volume={68 22},
A single cancer cell contains large numbers of genetic alterations that in combination create the malignant phenotype. However, whether amplified and mutated genes form functional and physical interaction networks that could explain the selection for cells with combined alterations is unknown. To investigate this issue, we characterized copy number alterations in 191 breast tumors using dense single nucleotide polymorphism arrays and identified 1,747 genes with copy number gain organized into… CONTINUE READING


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