Genome-wide dissection of co-selected UV-B responsive pathways in the UV-B adaptation of qingke.

  title={Genome-wide dissection of co-selected UV-B responsive pathways in the UV-B adaptation of qingke.},
  author={Xingquan Zeng and H. Yuan and Xuekui Dong and M. Peng and Xinyu Jing and Qijun Xu and Tang Tang and Yulin Wang and Sang Zha and M. Gao and Congzhi Li and Chujin Shu and Zexiu Wei and Wangmu Qimei and Yuzhen Basang and Jiabu Dunzhu and Zeqing Li and Lijun Bai and Jian Shi and Z. Zheng and Sibin Yu and A. Fernie and Jie Luo and T. Nyima},
  journal={Molecular plant},
  • Xingquan Zeng, H. Yuan, +21 authors T. Nyima
  • Published 2019
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Molecular plant
  • Qingke (Tibetan hulless barley) has long been cultivated and exposed to long-term and strong UV-B radiation on the Tibetan Plateau, which renders it an ideal target for elucidating novel UV-B responsive mechanisms. Here we report a comprehensive metabolite profiling and metabolite-based genome-wide association study using 196 diverse qingke and barley accessions. Our results demonstrated both constitutive and induced accumulation, and common genetic regulation, of metabolites of the different… CONTINUE READING
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