Genome-wide association study identifies genetic variation in neurocan as a susceptibility factor for bipolar disorder.

  title={Genome-wide association study identifies genetic variation in neurocan as a susceptibility factor for bipolar disorder.},
  author={Sven Cichon and Thomas W. M{\"u}hleisen and Franziska Degenhardt and Manuel Mattheisen and Xavier Mir{\'o} and Jana Strohmaier and Michael Steffens and Christian Meesters and Stefan Herms and Moritz Weingarten and L. Douglas Priebe and Britta Haenisch and Michael Alexander and Jennifer Vollmer and Ren{\'e} Breuer and Christine Schm{\"a}l and Peter Tessmann and Susanne Moebus and H. M. Wichmann and Stefan Schreiber and Bertram M{\"u}ller-Myhsok and Susanne Lucae and St{\'e}phane Jamain and Marion Leboyer and Frank Bellivier and B Etain and Chantal Henry and Jean Pierre Kahn and Simon Heath and Marian L. Hamshere and Michael C O'Donovan and Michael J Owen and Nick J. Craddock and Markus M. Schwarz and Helmut Vedder and Jutta Kammerer-Ciernioch and Andreas Reif and Johanna Sasse and Michael Bauer and Martin Hautzinger and Adam Wright and Philip B. Mitchell and Peter R. Schofield and Grant W. Montgomery and Sarah E. Medland and Scott D Gordon and Nicholas G. Martin and Omar G{\'u}stafsson and O. O. Andreassen and Srdjan Djurovic and Engilbert Sigurdsson and Stacy Steinberg and Hreinn Stefansson and K{\'a}ri Stef{\'a}nsson and Lejla Kapur-Pojski{\'c} and Liliana Oruc and Fabio Aurelio Rivas and Ferm{\'i}n Mayoral and Alexander Chuchalin and Gulja Babadjanova and Alexander S. Tiganov and Galina Pantelejeva and Lilia I Abramova and Maria Grigoroiu-Serbanescu and Carmen C Diaconu and Piotr M. Czerski and Joanna Hauser and Andreas Zimmer and Mark Lathrop and Thomas G. Schulze and Thomas F. Wienker and Johannes Schumacher and Wolfgang Maier and P. Propping and Marcella Rietschel and Markus M. N{\"o}then},
  journal={American journal of human genetics},
  volume={88 3},
We conducted a genome-wide association study (GWAS) and a follow-up study of bipolar disorder (BD), a common neuropsychiatric disorder. In the GWAS, we investigated 499,494 autosomal and 12,484 X-chromosomal SNPs in 682 patients with BD and in 1300 controls. In the first follow-up step, we tested the most significant 48 SNPs in 1729 patients with BD and in 2313 controls. Eight SNPs showed nominally significant association with BD and were introduced to a meta-analysis of the GWAS and the first… CONTINUE READING


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Genome - wide association study of recurrent major depressive disorder in two European case - control cohorts

  • E. Domenici, J. Perry
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  • 2010

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