Genome-wide association study identifies 74 loci associated with educational attainment

  title={Genome-wide association study identifies 74 loci associated with educational attainment},
  author={Aysu Okbay and Jonathan P. Beauchamp and Mark A. Fontana and James J Lee and Tune H. Pers and Cornelius A. Rietveld and Patrick Turley and Guo-Bo Chen and Valur Emilsson and S. Fleur W. Meddens and Sven Oskarsson and Joseph K. Pickrell and Kevin Thom and Pascal Timshel and Ronald de Vlaming and Abdel Abdellaoui and Tarunveer S Ahluwalia and Jonas Bacelis and Clemens Baumbach and Gyda Bjornsdottir and Johannes H. Brandsma and Maria Pina Concas and Jaime Derringer and Nicholas A. Furlotte and Tessel E. Galesloot and Giorgia Girotto and Richa Gupta and L. M. Hall and Sarah E Harris and E Hofer and Momoko Horikoshi and Jennifer E Huffman and Kadri Kaasik and Ioanna Panagiota Kalafati and Robert Karlsson and Augustine Kong and Jari Lahti and Sven J van der Lee and Christiaan de Leeuw and Penelope A Lind and Karl-Oskar Lindgren and Tian Liu and Massimo Mangino and Jonathan Marten and Evelin Mihailov and Michael B. Miller and Peter J van der Most and Christopher Oldmeadow and A. M. 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Spector and K{\'a}ri Stef{\'a}nsson and Unnur Thorsteinsdottir and A Roy Thurik and Nicholas J. Timpson and Henning Tiemeier and Joyce Y. Tung and Andr{\'e} G. Uitterlinden and Veronique Vitart and Peter Vollenweider and David R. Weir and James F Wilson and Alan Wright and Dalton C. Conley and Robert F Krueger and George Davey Smith and Albert Hofman and David Laibson and Sarah E. Medland and Michelle N. Meyer and Jian Yang and Magnus Johannesson and Peter M. Visscher and T{\~o}nu Esko and Philipp D Koellinger and David Cesarini and Daniel J Benjamin},
Educational attainment is strongly influenced by social and other environmental factors, but genetic factors are estimated to account for at least 20% of the variation across individuals. Here we report the results of a genome-wide association study (GWAS) for educational attainment that extends our earlier discovery sample of 101,069 individuals to 293,723 individuals, and a replication study in an independent sample of 111,349 individuals from the UK Biobank. We identify 74 genome-wide… CONTINUE READING

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