Genome-wide association and large scale follow-up identifies 16 new loci influencing lung function

  title={Genome-wide association and large scale follow-up identifies 16 new loci influencing lung function},
  author={Mar{\'i}a Soler Artigas and Daan Willem Loth and Louise V Wain and Sina A Gharib and Ma’en Obeidat and Wenbo Tang and Guangju Zhai and Jing Hua Zhao and Albert Vernon Smith and Jennifer E Huffman and Eva Albrecht and Catherine M. Jackson and David M. Evans and Gemma Cadby and Myriam Fornage and Ani Manichaikul and Lorna M. Lopez and Toby Johnson and Melinda C Aldrich and Thor Aspelund and In{\^e}s Barroso and Harry Campbell and Patricia A Cassano and David Couper and Gudny Eir{\'i}ksdott{\'i}r and Nora Franceschini and Melissa E. Garcia and Christian Gieger and Gauti Kjartan Gislason and Ivica Grkovi{\'c} and Christopher J Hammond and Dana B Hancock and Tamara B. Harris and Adaikalavan Ramasamy and Susan R. Heckbert and Markku Heli{\"o}vaara and Georg Homuth and Pirro G Hysi and Alan L. James and Stipan Jankovi{\'c} and Bonnie R Joubert and S Karrasch and Norman Klopp and Beate Koch and Stephen B. Kritchevsky and Lenore J. Launer and Yongmei Liu and Laura R. Loehr and Kurt K. Lohman and Ruth J F Loos and Thomas S Lumley and Khalid A Al Balushi and Wei Q. Ang and Robert G. Barr and John Beilby and John D. Blakey and Mladen Boban and Vesna Boraska and Jonas Brisman Brisman and J Robert Britton and Guy G Brusselle and Cyrus Cooper and Ivan Curjuric and Santosh Dahgam and Ian J. Deary and Shah Ebrahim and Mark Eijgelsheim and Clyde Francks and D Gaysina and Raquel Granell and Xiangjun Gu and John L. Hankinson and Rebecca Hardy and Sarah E Harris and John A. Henderson and Amanda P. Henry and Aroon D. Hingorani and Albert Hofman and Patrick G. Holt and Jennie Hui and Michael L Hunter and Medea Imboden and Karen A. Jameson and Shona M Kerr and Ivana Kol{\vc}i{\'c} and Florian Kronenberg and Jason Z. Liu and Jonathan Marchini and Tricia M McKeever and Andrew D. Morris and A C Olin and David J. Porteous and Dirkje S Postma and Stephen S. Rich and Susan M. Ring and Fernando Rivadeneira and Thierry Rochat and Avan Aihie Sayer and Ian Sayers and Peter D. Sly and George Davey Smith and Akshay Sood and John M. Starr and Andr{\'e} G. Uitterlinden and Judith M Vonk and Sasiwarang Goya Wannamethee and Peter Whincup and Cisca Wijmenga and Olajide Williams and Andrew Wong and Massimo Mangino and Kristin D. Marciante and Wendy L. Mcardle and Bernd Meibohm and Alanna C. Morrison and Kari E. North and Ernst Reidar Omenaas and Lyle John Palmer and Kirsi Hannele Pietil{\"a}inen and Isabelle Pin and Ozren Pola{\vs}ek and Anneli Pouta and Bruce M. Psaty and A Hartikainen and Taina Rantanen and Samuli Ripatti and Jerome I. Rotter and Igor Rudan and Alicja R. Rudnicka and Holger Schulz and So-Youn Shin and Tim D. Spector and Ida L Surakka and Veronique Vitart and Henry V{\"o}lzke and Nicholas J Wareham and Nicole M. Warrington and Heinz-Erich Wichmann and Sarah H Wild and Jemma B. Wilk and Matthias Wjst and Alan F. Wright and Lina Zgaga and Tatijana Zemunik and Craig Edward Pennell and Fredrik Nyberg and Diana Kuh and John W Holloway and H Marike Boezen and Debbie A Lawlor and Richard W. Morris and Nicole Probst-Hensch and Jaakko Kaprio and James F Wilson and Caroline Hayward and Mika A. P. K{\"a}h{\"o}nen and Joachim Heinrich and Arthur William Musk and Deborah Jarvis and Sven Gl{\"a}ser and M R J{\"a}rvelin and Bruno C. Stricker and Paul Elliott and George T. O’Connor and David P. Strachan and Stephanie J London and Ian P Hall and Vilmundur Gudnason and Martin D Tobin},
  booktitle={Nature Genetics},
Pulmonary function measures reflect respiratory health and are used in the diagnosis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. We tested genome-wide association with forced expiratory volume in 1 second and the ratio of forced expiratory volume in 1 second to forced vital capacity in 48,201 individuals of European ancestry with follow up of the top associations in up to an additional 46,411 individuals. We identified new regions showing association (combined P < 5 × 10−8) with pulmonary… CONTINUE READING
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Genome-wide association study identifies five loci associated with lung function

  • E Repapi
  • Nat Genet
  • 2010

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