Genome-wide association analyses identify 44 risk variants and refine the genetic architecture of major depression

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Major depressive disorder (MDD) is a common illness accompanied by considerable morbidity, mortality, costs, and heightened risk of suicide. We conducted a genome-wide association meta-analysis based in 135,458 cases and 344,901 controls and identified 44 independent and significant loci. The genetic findings were associated with clinical features of major depression and implicated brain regions exhibiting anatomical differences in cases. Targets of antidepressant medications and genes involved… 

Identification of 64 new risk loci for major depression, refinement of the genetic architecture and risk prediction of recurrence and comorbidities

Major depression (MD) is a common mental disorder and a leading cause of disability worldwide. We conducted a GWAS meta-analysis of more than 1.3 million individuals, including 371,184 with MD,

Genomics of major depressive disorder

Genome-wide meta-analysis of depression identifies 102 independent variants and highlights the importance of the prefrontal brain regions

A genetic meta-analysis of depression found 269 associated genes that highlight several potential drug repositioning opportunities, and relationships with depression were found for neuroticism and smoking.

Genome-wide association study of depression phenotypes in UK Biobank (n = 322,580) identifies the enrichment of variants in excitatory synaptic pathways

A genome-wide association study in the largest single population-based cohort to date, UK Biobank, provides a number of novel genetic risk variants that can be leveraged to elucidate the mechanisms of MDD and low mood.

Genome-wide Interaction Study with Major Depression Identifies Novel Variants Associated with Cognitive Function

The results suggest several genes involved in physiological processes for the development and maintenance of cognition in MDD, as well as potential novel therapeutic agents that could be explored in patients with MDD associated cognitive dysfunction are suggested.

Analysis of Major Depression Risk Genes Reveals Evolutionary Conservation, Shared Phenotypes, and Extensive Genetic Interactions

By characterizing evolutionarily-conserved counterparts to the MDD risk genes, this study has gained new insights into pathogenetic processes relevant to the emergence of depressive symptoms in man.

Genome-wide significant risk loci for mood disorders in the Old Order Amish founder population

A genome-wide association study of mood disorders in a founder population, the Old Order Amish, revealed four genome- wide significant risk loci, all of which were associated with >2-fold relative risk, andnotation of the variants revealed population-enriched, non-synonymous variants in two genes encoding neurodevelopmental transcription factors.

Transcriptome-wide association study identifies new susceptibility genes and pathways for depression

This study identified new depression risk genes whose expression dysregulation may play a role in depression, and translated the GWAS associations into risk genes and relevant pathways, and conducted conditional analyses and identified the potential risk genes that driven the TWAS association signal in each locus.

Genome-wide association study of depression phenotypes in UK Biobank identifies variants in excitatory synaptic pathways

It is suggested that broad depression is the most tractable UK Biobank phenotype for discovering genes and gene sets that further the understanding of the biological pathways underlying depression.



Identification of 15 genetic loci associated with risk of major depression in individuals of European descent

These studies provide evidence for large-scale consumer genomic data as a powerful and efficient complement to data collected from traditional means of ascertainment for neuropsychiatric disease genomics.

Genome-wide association study of major depressive disorder: new results, meta-analysis, and lessons learned

No SNPs achieved genome-wide significance either in the MDD2000+ study, or in meta-analysis with two other studies totaling 5763 cases and 6901 controls, implying that common variants of intermediate or large effect do not have main effects in the genetic architecture of MDD.

A mega-analysis of genome-wide association studies for major depressive disorder

Although this is the largest genome-wide analysis of MDD yet conducted, its high prevalence means that the sample is still underpowered to detect genetic effects typical for complex traits, and it was unable to identify robust and replicable findings.

Biological Insights From 108 Schizophrenia-Associated Genetic Loci

Associations at DRD2 and several genes involved in glutamatergic neurotransmission highlight molecules of known and potential therapeutic relevance to schizophrenia, and are consistent with leading pathophysiological hypotheses.

Sparse whole genome sequencing identifies two loci for major depressive disorder

Using low-coverage whole-genome sequencing of 5,303 Chinese women with recurrent MDD selected to reduce phenotypic heterogeneity, and 5,337 controls screened to exclude MDD, two loci contributing to risk of MDD on chromosome 10 are identified: one near the SIRT1 gene and the other in an intron of the LHPP gene.

The Genetic Architecture of Major Depressive Disorder in Han Chinese Women

Results support a complex etiology for MDD and highlight the value of analyzing components of heritability to clarify genetic architecture.

A Genome-Wide Association Study of Depressive Symptoms

High-throughput sequencing of the synaptome in major depressive disorder

A statistically significant gene set and gene network of rare variants that are over-represented in MDD are identified, providing initial evidence that calcium signaling and dendrite regulation may be involved in the etiology of depression.

Comprehensive gene- and pathway-based analysis of depressive symptoms in older adults.

Genetic and pathway analysis revealed enrichment of association in 105 pathways, including multiple pathways related to ERK/MAPK signaling, GSK3 signaling in bipolar disorder, cell development, and immune activation and inflammation.