Genome-wide analyses of borderline personality features

  title={Genome-wide analyses of borderline personality features},
  author={G H Lubke and Charles Laurin and Najaf Amin and JJ Hottenga and Gonneke A H M Willemsen and Gerard van Grootheest and Abdel Abdellaoui and LC Karssen and BA Oostra and CM van Duijn and B W J H Penninx and DI Boomsma},
  booktitle={Molecular Psychiatry},
The heritability of borderline personality (BP) features has been established in multiple twin and family studies. Using data from the borderline subscale of the Personality Assessment Inventory Borderline Features Scale (PAI-BOR) collected in two Dutch cohorts (N=7125), the Netherlands Twin Register and The Netherlands Study of Depression and Anxiety, we show that heritability of the PAI-BOR total score using genome-wide single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNPs) is estimated at 23%, and that the… CONTINUE READING