Genome-wide Association Analysis Identifies 14 New Risk Loci for Schizophrenia

  title={Genome-wide Association Analysis Identifies 14 New Risk Loci for
  author={Stephan Ripke and Colm {\'O}'D{\'u}shl{\'a}ine and Kimberly Chambert and Jennifer L. Moran and Anna K. K{\"a}hler and Susanne Akterin and Sarah E Bergen and Ann L. Collins and James J. Crowley and Menachem Fromer and Yunjung Kim and Sang Hong Lee and Patrik K. E. Magnusson and Nick A Sanchez and Eli Stahl and Stephanie C Williams and Naomi R Wray and Kai Xia and Francesco Bettella and Anders D Borglum and Brendan K. Bulik-Sullivan and Paul Cormican and Nick J. Craddock and Christiaan A. de Leeuw and Naser Durmishi and Michael Gill and V. G. Golimbet and Marian Lindsay Hamshere and Peter Holmans and David Michael Hougaard and Kenneth S. Kendler and Kuang Lin Lin and Derek W. Morris and Ole Mors and Preben Bo Mortensen and Benjamin M. Neale and Francis Anthony O'Neill and Michael J Owen and Milica Pejovi{\'c} Milovan{\vc}evi{\'c} and Danielle Posthuma and John G. Powell and Alexander L. Richards and Brien P. Riley and Douglas M. Ruderfer and Dan Rujescu and Engilbert Sigurdsson and Teimuraz Silagadze and August B. Smit and Hreinn Stefansson and Stacy Steinberg and Jaana Suvisaari and Sarah Tosato and Matthijs Verhage and James T R Walters and Douglas F. Levinson and Pablo V. Gejman and Claudine Laurent and Bryan J. Mowry and Michael C O'Donovan and Ann E Pulver and Sibylle G. Schwab and Dieter D B Wildenauer and Frank Dudbridge and Jianxin Shi and Margot Albus and Madeline M Alexander and Dominique Campion and David X. Cohen and Dimitris G. Dikeos and Jubao Duan and Peter Eichhammer and Stephanie Godard and Mark C. Hansen and F Bernard Lerer and Kung-Yee Liang and Wolfgang Maier and Jacques Mallet and Deborah A. Nertney and Gerald Nestadt and Nadine Norton and George Papadimitriou and Robert Ribble and Alan R. Sanders and Jeremy M. Silverman and Dermot P. J. Walsh and Stephanie Williams and Brandon K Wormley and Mar{\'i}a Jes{\'u}s Arranz and Steven Bakker and Stephan Bender and Elvira Bramon and David Collier and Benedicto Crespo-Facorro and Jena Hall and Conrad O. Iyegbe and A. Jablensky and Ren{\'e} S. Kahn and Luba V Kalaydjieva and Stephen Lawrie and Cathryn M. Lewis and Don H. Linszen and Ignacio Mata and Andrew S. McIntosh and Robin M. Murray and Roel A. Ophoff and Jim van Os and Muriel Walshe and Matthias Weisbrod and Durk Wiersma and Peter Donnelly and In{\^e}s Barroso and Jenefer M Blackwell and Matthew A Brown and Juan P. Casas and Aiden P. Corvin and Panagiotis Deloukas and Audrey Duncanson and Janusz Jankowski and Hugh S. Markus and Christopher G Mathew and Colin Neil Alexander Palmer and Robert Plomin and Anna Rautanen and Stephen J Sawcer and Richard C Trembath and Ananth C. Viswanathan and Nicholas W. Wood and Chris C A Spencer and Gavin Band and C{\'e}line Bellenguez and Colin Freeman and Garrett Hellenthal and Eleni Giannoulatou and Matti Pirinen and Richard D. Pearson and Amy Strange and Zhan Su and Damjan Vukcevic and Cordelia Langford and Sarah E. Hunt and Sarah J Edkins and Rhian Gwilliam and Hannah Blackburn and Suzannah J. Bumpstead and Serge Dronov and Matthew W Gillman and Emma A Gray and Naomi Hammond and Alagurevathi Jayakumar and o Tekelec Mccann and Jennifer Liddle and Simon C. Potter and Radhi Ravindrarajah and Michelle Ricketts and Avazeh Tashakkori-Ghanbaria and Matthew J. Waller and Paul Gabrielle Weston and Sara Widaa and Pamela Whittaker and Mark I. McCarthy and K{\'a}ri Stef{\'a}nsson and Edward M. Scolnick and Shaun M Purcell and Steven A. McCarroll and Pamela Sklar and Christina M. Hultman and Patrick F. Sullivan},
  booktitle={Nature Genetics},
Schizophrenia is an idiopathic mental disorder with a heritable component and a substantial public health impact. We conducted a multi-stage genome-wide association study (GWAS) for schizophrenia beginning with a Swedish national sample (5,001 cases and 6,243 controls) followed by meta-analysis with previous schizophrenia GWAS (8,832 cases and 12,067 controls) and finally by replication of SNPs in 168 genomic regions in independent samples (7,413 cases, 19,762 controls and 581 parent-offspring… CONTINUE READING


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