Genome size and A-T rich DNA in selachians

  title={Genome size and A-T rich DNA in selachians},
  author={Vincenzo Stingo and Teresa Capriglione and Lucia Rocco and Raffaele Improta and Alessandro Morescalchi},
The nuclear DNA content of 23 selachian species (10 Batoidea, 11 Galeomorphii, and 2 Squalomorphii) was histophotometrically studied. Their genome sizes range from 7.5 pg/N in Raja fillae (Batoidea) to 34.1 pg/N in Oxynotus centrina (Squalomorphii). Results show slight differences in the pattern of quantitative variations between the superorders Batoidea and Galeomorphii; Squalomorphii preserve their peculiar wide interspecific variability at the intrafamilial level, with values sited between… CONTINUE READING


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