Genome sequence of the ubiquitous hydrocarbon-degrading marine bacterium Alcanivorax borkumensis

  title={Genome sequence of the ubiquitous hydrocarbon-degrading marine bacterium Alcanivorax borkumensis},
  author={Susanne Schneiker and V{\'i}tor A. P. Martins dos Santos and Daniela Bartels and Thomas Bekel and Martina Brecht and Jens Buhrmester and Tatyana N. Chernikova and Renata Denaro and Manuel Ferrer and Christoph Gertler and Alexander Goesmann and Olga V. Golyshina and Filip Kaminski and Amit N. Khachane and Siegmund Lang and Burkhard Linke and Alice C. McHardy and Folker Meyer and Taras Y. Nechitaylo and Alfred P{\"u}hler and Daniela Regenhardt and Oliver Rupp and Julia S. Sabirova and Werner Selbitschka and Michail M Yakimov and Kenneth N. Timmis and Frank-J{\"o}rg Vorh{\"o}lter and Stefan Weidner and Olaf Kaiser and Peter N Golyshin},
  journal={Nature Biotechnology},
Alcanivorax borkumensis is a cosmopolitan marine bacterium that uses oil hydrocarbons as its exclusive source of carbon and energy. Although barely detectable in unpolluted environments, A. borkumensis becomes the dominant microbe in oil-polluted waters. A. borkumensis SK2 has a streamlined genome with a paucity of mobile genetic elements and energy generation–related genes, but with a plethora of genes accounting for its wide hydrocarbon substrate range and efficient oil-degradation… CONTINUE READING
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