Genome search in celiac disease.

  title={Genome search in celiac disease.},
  author={Luigi Greco and Ginoroberto Corazza and M C Babron and F Clot and Marie-Claude Fulchignoni-Lataud and Selvaggia Percopo and Patrizia Zavattari and Faouzi Bouguerra and Colette Dib and Roberto Tosi and Riccardo Troncone and Alessandro Ventura and W Mantavoni and Giuseppe Magazz{\'u} and Richard A. Gatti and Rosanna Lazzari and Annamaria Giunta and Francesco Perri and Giuseppe Iacono and Ettore Cardi and Stefano De Virgiliis and Francesco Cataldo and Gabriela De Angelis and Sebastiano Antonino Musumeci and F. Clerget-Darpoux},
  journal={American journal of human genetics},
  volume={62 3},
Celiac disease (CD), a malabsorption disorder of the small intestine, results from ingestion of gluten. The HLA risk factors involved in CD are well known but do not explain the entire genetic susceptibility. To determine the localization of other genetic risk factors, a systematic screening of the genome has been undertaken. The typing information of 281 markers on 110 affected sib pairs and their parents was used to test linkage. Systematic linkage analysis was first performed on 39 pairs in… CONTINUE READING

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