Genome-Wide Association Study for Reproductive Traits in a Duroc Pig Population

  title={Genome-Wide Association Study for Reproductive Traits in a Duroc Pig Population},
  author={Z. Zhang and Zitao Chen and S. Ye and Yingting He and S. Huang and X. Yuan and Z. Chen and H. Zhang and J. Li},
  journal={Animals : an Open Access Journal from MDPI},
Simple Summary Reproductive traits are economically important in the pig industry, and it is critical to explore their underlying genetic architecture. Hence, four reproductive traits, including litter size at birth (LSB), litter weight at birth (LWB), litter size at weaning (LSW), and litter weight at weaning (LWW), were examined. Through a genome-wide association study in a Duroc pig herd, several candidate single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and genes were found potentially associated… Expand
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