Genome-Wide Analysis of MIKCC-Type MADS Box Genes in Grapevine 1 [ W ] [ OA ]

  title={Genome-Wide Analysis of MIKCC-Type MADS Box Genes in Grapevine 1 [ W ] [ OA ]},
  author={Jos{\'e} Dı́az-Riquelme and Diego Lijavetzky and Jos{\'e} M. Martı́nez-Zapater and Jos{\'e} Trujillo Carmona},
MIKC-type MADS box genes encode transcription factors that play crucial roles in plant growth and development. Analysis of the grapevine (Vitis vinifera) genome revealed up to 38 MIKC-type genes. We report here a complete analysis of this gene family regarding their phylogenetic relationships with homologous genes identified in other sequenced dicot genomes, their genome location, and gene structure and expression. The grapevine genes cluster in 13 subfamilies with their Arabidopsis… CONTINUE READING
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