Genome Sequence of Weissella cibaria KACC 11862.


Weissella cibaria KACC 11862 is a Gram-positive, heterofermentative, Leuconostoc-like lactic acid bacterium that is widely distributed in Korean traditional foods such as kimchi. Here we report the draft genome sequence of the type strain, W. cibaria KACC 11862 (1,599 known genes, 80 RNA genes), which consists of 72 large contigs (>100 bp in size). 
DOI: 10.1128/JB.01342-10


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@article{Kim2011GenomeSO, title={Genome Sequence of Weissella cibaria KACC 11862.}, author={Dae-Soo Kim and Sang-Haeng Choi and Dong-wook Kim and Seong-Hyeuk Nam and Ryong Nam Kim and Aram Kang and Aeri C Kim and Hong-Seog Park}, journal={Journal of bacteriology}, year={2011}, volume={193 3}, pages={797-8} }