Genome Sequence of Ureaplasma diversum Strain ATCC 49782

  title={Genome Sequence of Ureaplasma diversum Strain ATCC 49782},
  author={Lucas M Marques and Ana M{\'a}rcia de S{\'a} Guimaraes and Hellen Braga Martins and Izadora Souza Rezende and M. S. Barbosa and G. B. Campos and Na{\'i}la Cannes do Nascimento and Andrea Pires dos Santos and Aline Teixeira Amorim and Verena M. Santos and Joanne Belle Messick and Jorge Timenetsky},
  booktitle={Genome announcements},
Here, we report the complete genome sequence of Ureaplasma diversum strain ATCC 49782. This species is of bovine origin, having an association with reproductive disorders in cattle, including placentitis, fetal alveolitis, abortion, and birth of weak calves. It has a small circular chromosome of 975,425 bp.