Genome-Scale Identification of Membrane-Associated Human mRNAs

  title={Genome-Scale Identification of Membrane-Associated Human mRNAs},
  author={Maximilian Diehn and Ramona Bhattacharya and David Botstein and Patrick O. Brown},
  journal={PLoS Genetics},
  pages={52 - 62}
The subcellular localization of proteins is critical to their biological roles. Moreover, whether a protein is membrane-bound, secreted, or intracellular affects the usefulness of, and the strategies for, using a protein as a diagnostic marker or a target for therapy. We employed a rapid and efficient experimental approach to classify thousands of human gene products as either "membrane-associated/secreted" (MS) or "cytosolic/nuclear" (CN). Using subcellular fractionation methods, we separated… CONTINUE READING