Genome Relationship Between Diploid and Tetraploid Avena

  title={Genome Relationship Between Diploid and Tetraploid Avena},
  author={K. C. Dalal and K. Sadanaga},
Chromosome pairing in the A0 generation of the amphiploids of Avena abyssinica (C.I. 2108)×A. strigosa (C.I. 7010) and in the A3 generation of the amphiploid of A. abyssinica (C.I. 7233)×A. strigosa (C.I. 2630) was analyzed. The average number of bivalents per pollen mother cell was higher in the A0 generation than in the A3 generation. Conversely, the average number of multivalents and univalents per cell was lower in the A0 than in the A3 generation.The difference in frequencies of kinds of… Expand