Genocide and Fascism: The Eliminationist Drive in Fascist Europe

  title={Genocide and Fascism: The Eliminationist Drive in Fascist Europe},
  author={G. B. Lancaster},
  journal={Journal of Genocide Research},
  pages={366 - 369}
  • G. Lancaster
  • Published 1 September 2011
  • Medicine
  • Journal of Genocide Research
Daniel Goldhagen, in his much-discussed (and much-criticized) volume Hitler’s Willing Executioners, insists from the outset that ‘Germans’ antisemitic beliefs about Jews were the central causal agent of the Holocaust’ (p. 9). In this, he not only echoed William L. Shirer’s discredited formulation of German history as proceeding in a direct line from Martin Luther to Adolf Hitler, but fell into the trap of many studies of genocide in general (and the Nazi-led Holocaust in particular)—that is, of… 
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