Genetics of milking characteristics in dairy cows.

  title={Genetics of milking characteristics in dairy cows.},
  author={Donagh P Berry and James Coyne and Barry Coughlan and Melissa Burke and John McCarthy and Brian P Enright and Andrew R Cromie and Sinead McParland},
  journal={Animal : an international journal of animal bioscience},
  volume={7 11},
Genetic selection for milking speed is feasible. The existence of a correlation structure between milking speed and milk yield, however, necessitates a selection strategy to increase milking speed with no repercussion on genetic merit for milk yield. Residual milking duration (RMD) and residual milking duration including somatic cell score (RMDS), defined as the residuals from a regression model of milking duration on milk yield or milk yield plus somatic cell score (SCS) have been advocated… CONTINUE READING

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