Genetics goes to Hollywood

  title={Genetics goes to Hollywood},
  author={Lee M. Silver},
  journal={Nature Genetics},
  • L. Silver
  • Published 1 November 1997
  • Biology
  • Nature Genetics
The Use and Misuse of Brave New World in the CRISPR Debate.
  • D. So
  • Art
    The CRISPR journal
  • 2019
Ethicists should consider bringing a wider variety of fiction references into the discourse on genome editing, especially stories that can complement Brave New World with insights about the ethical issues left undeveloped in Huxley's novel.
Artistic Enhancement. Literature and Film as Mirror and Means of Human Enhancement
  • K. Fürholzer
  • Art
    Acta Universitatis Lodziensis. Folia Philosophica. Ethica-Aesthetica-Practica
  • 2018
Human enhancement affects all members of society and is thus closely linked to issues of social justice: up to now, the promises and perils of enhancement are usually only known to, and thus used, by
Utopian Visions of “Making People”: Science Fiction and Debates on Cloning, Ectogenesis, Genetic Engineering, and Genetic Discrimination
In his treatise on science fiction (sf), Darko Suvin claims utopian fiction as the “socio-political subgenre of science fiction,” suggesting that such texts should be approached both as literature
The Chills and Thrills of Whole Genome Sequencing
Some important privacy issues associated with human genomic information are discussed and a number of particularly relevant research challenges are identified.
Whole Genome Sequencing: Innovation Dream or Privacy Nightmare?
An overview of positive results and biomedical advances in the field is provided, and privacy issues associated with human genomic information are discussed, and available privacy-enhancing technologies are surveyed and list a number of open research challenges.
Unjustified Discrimination: Is the Moratorium on the use of Genetic Test Results by Insurers a Contradiction in Terms?
It is suggested that the insurance industry and the general public have different viewpoints on the concept of discrimination, and that this causes much of the disagreement over the issue of using genetic test results in insurance.
The New Eugenics in Cinema: Genetic Determinism and Gene Therapy in GATTACA
It is evident from the recent boom in films that include genetic engineering as a plot element, ranging from the wildly successful Jurassic Park to the box-office flop Alien: Resurrection, that sf cinema remains a forum for discourse about biotechnology's impact on society and nature.
Cytochrome P450 and the individuality of species.
  • D. Nelson
  • Biology
    Archives of biochemistry and biophysics
  • 1999
The biosynthesis of cholesterol in bacteria is discussed in relation to CYP51 as a lanosterol 14 alpha-demethylase, which may have been the first eukaryotic P450.