Genetically engineered yeast cells and their applications.

  title={Genetically engineered yeast cells and their applications.},
  author={Denis Pompon and A Perret and A Bellamine and Romuald Laine and J. C. Gautier and Philippe Urban},
  journal={Toxicology letters},
The first generation of yeast expression systems relies on inducible expression cassettes borne by multicopy plasmids for production of unmodified human P450s and on the endogenous NADPH-P450 reductase to support activities. A second generation of engineered yeast involved targeted genomic modifications allowing overexpression of the yeast reductase and coexpression of human cytochrome b5 and of a phase II enzyme such as epoxide hydrolase. These features allow improved P450 turnover numbers and… CONTINUE READING

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