Genetically engineered T cells to target EGFRvIII expressing glioblastoma

  title={Genetically engineered T cells to target EGFRvIII expressing glioblastoma},
  author={Szofia S. Bullain and Ayguen Sahin and Oszkar Szentirmai and Carlos E Sanchez and Ning Lin and Elizabeth Baratta and Peter Waterman and Ralph Weissleder and Richard C. Mulligan and B. S. Carter},
  journal={Journal of Neuro-Oncology},
Glioblastoma remains a significant therapeutic challenge, warranting further investigation of novel therapies. We describe an immunotherapeutic strategy to treat glioblastoma based on adoptive transfer of genetically modified T-lymphocytes (T cells) redirected to kill EGFRvIII expressing gliomas. We constructed a chimeric immune receptor (CIR) specific to EGFRvIII, (MR1-ζ). After in vitro selection and expansion, MR1-ζ genetically modified primary human T-cells specifically recognized EGFRvIII… CONTINUE READING