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Genetical Studies in West African Eggplant

  title={Genetical Studies in West African Eggplant},
  author={H. C. Choudhuri},
  journal={Indian Journal of Genetics and Plant Breeding},
  • H. C. Choudhuri
  • Published 1977
  • Biology
  • Indian Journal of Genetics and Plant Breeding
Intervarietal hybrids in eggplants (S. melongena L.), varieties Bassawa-1 × Zaria-1, Ilorin -1 × Giwa-2, Giwa-1 × Zaria-1 and Bassawa-1 × Giwa-2, conspicuously demonstrated heterosis in their F1. The height of plants, leaf indices and weight of fruits in F1 hybrids far exceeded the mean values of two parents. 
Cytogenetic studies on the F1 hybrid Solanum incanum L. x Solanum melongena L. variety ‘Giant of Banaras’
A close inter-relationship between the two species is recognized and hybrid vigour for height of plant and number of branches, flowers and fruits as well as for resistance against drought and fruit and shoot borers is demonstrated. Expand
Interspecific Hybridization in Genus Ocimum Involving the Species O. viride Willd. (2n=40) and O. suave Willd. (2n=48)
F1 interspecific hybrids were produced both ways by crossing O. viride and O. suave species and are intermediate in their vegetative characters as compared to their parents and are highly sterile. Expand
Studies on genetic architecture for yield and its components in brinjal [Solanum melongena (L.)]
Studies on genetic architecture for yield and its components in brinjal [Solanum melongena (L.)]
An irregularly striped rind mutant reveals new insight into the function of PG1β in cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.)
Investigating the molecular mechanism underlying rind appearance polymorphisms in cucumber isolated a novel fruit appearance cucumber mutant, ist, that has an irregularly striped rind pattern to suggest that ist plays a key role in chlorophyll biosynthesis. Expand