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Genetic variation of Dactylis glomerata germplasm from Southwest China detected by SSR markers.

  title={Genetic variation of Dactylis glomerata germplasm from Southwest China detected by SSR markers.},
  author={Xie Wengang and Zhang Xinquan and Ma Xiao and Huang Lin-kai and Zeng Bing},
  journal={Acta Pratacultural Science},
Simple sequence repeat(SSR) molecular markers were applied to detect the genetic variation of 110 individuals of 11 Dactylis glomerata accessions from Southwest China(Sichuan province,Yunnan province,Guizhou province and Chongqing city).1) 21 primer pairs were selected for SSR analysis and 143 polymorphic bands were found with an average of 6.8 bands per primer pair.The percentage of polymorphism bands(PPB) was 90.7%,the polymorphism information content(PIC) ranged from 0.17(A01F24) to 0.45… Expand
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