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Genetic variation in FOXO 3 is associated with reductions in inflammation and disease activity in inflammatory polyarthritis

  title={Genetic variation in FOXO 3 is associated with reductions in inflammation and disease activity in inflammatory polyarthritis},
  author={Sebastien Viatte and James C. Lee and Bo Fu and Marion Esp{\'e}li and Mark Lunt and Jack and N Wolf and Lizbeth Wheeler and John A Reynolds and Madhura Castelino and D{\'e}borah and Peter Symmons and Paul A. Lyons and Anne Barton and Kenneth G. C. Smith},
Background: Genetic variation in FOXO3 (tagged by rs12212067) has been associated with a milder course of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and shown to limit monocyte-driven inflammation through a TGFβ1-dependent pathway. This genetic association, however, has not been consistently observed in other RA cohorts. We sought to clarify the contribution of FOXO3 to prognosis in RA by combining detailed analysis of non-radiographic disease severity measures with an in vivo model of arthritis. Methods… Expand

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