Genetic variation determines mast cell functions in experimental asthma.

  title={Genetic variation determines mast cell functions in experimental asthma.},
  author={Marc Becker and Sebastian Reuter and Pamela Friedrich and Fatma Doener and Anastasija Michel and Tobias Bopp and Matthias Klein and Edgar Schmitt and Hansjoerg Schild and Markus P Radsak and Bernd Echtenacher and Christian Taube and M. Janna Stassen},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={186 12},
Mast cell-deficient mice are a key for investigating the function of mast cells in health and disease. Allergic airway disease induced as a Th2-type immune response in mice is employed as a model to unravel the mechanisms underlying inception and progression of human allergic asthma. Previous work done in mast cell-deficient mouse strains that otherwise typically mount Th1-dominated immune responses revealed contradictory results as to whether mast cells contribute to the development of airway… CONTINUE READING
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