Genetic variants of CYP19 (aromatase) and breast cancer risk

  title={Genetic variants of CYP19 (aromatase) and breast cancer risk},
  author={V Nedelcheva Kristensen and N Harada and N Yoshimura and E K Haraldsen and P E L\onning and B Erikstein and Rolf K{\aa}resen and T Kristensen and Anne-Lise B\orresen-Dale},
  journal={Breast Cancer Research},
The effect of a SNP in exon 10 of CYP19 on tumor mRNA levels and splice variants were studied and correlated with clinical parameters and risk of breast cancer. In the vast majority of breast cancers, the estrogen levels modulate the tumor growth and depend on the activity of CYP19. Patients (n=481) and controls (n=236) were genotyped by T-tracks in a single sequencing reaction (SSR). The frequency of TT genotypes was significantly higher in patients versus controls (P=0.007) particularly among… CONTINUE READING