Genetic transformation of Alstroemeria using particle bombardment

  title={Genetic transformation of Alstroemeria using particle bombardment},
  author={Hsueh-Shih Lin and Caroline J. G. van der Toorn and Krit J.J.M. Raemakers and Richard G. F. Visser and Marjo J. De Jeu and Evert Jacobsen},
  journal={Molecular Breeding},
Transgenic plants were obtained after particle bombardment of embryogenic callus derived from stem segments of two tetraploid Alstroemeria genotypes with plasmids containing different selection/reporter genes. Firstly, a plasmid containing a firefly luciferase reporter gene driven by the maize ubiquitin promoter (Ubi1), was bombarded into both friable embryogenic callus and proembryos. Transient and stable expression of luciferase was visually detected by a luminometer. This selection method is… CONTINUE READING