Genetic study of neurexin and neuroligin genes in Alzheimer's disease.

  title={Genetic study of neurexin and neuroligin genes in Alzheimer's disease.},
  author={Amalia Martinez-Mir and Antonio Gonz{\'a}lez-P{\'e}rez and Javier Gay{\'a}n and Carmen Antunez and Juan Mar{\'i}n and Merç{\'e} Boada and Jes{\'u}s Mar{\'i}a Lopez-Arrieta and Evaristo Fern{\'a}ndez and Reposo Ram{\'i}rez-Lorca and Mar{\'i}a Eugenia S{\'a}ez and Agust{\'i}n Ru{\'i}z and Francisco G Scholl and Luis Real},
  journal={Journal of Alzheimer's disease : JAD},
  volume={35 2},
The interaction between neurexins and neuroligins promotes the formation of functional synaptic structures. Recently, it has been reported that neurexins and neuroligins are proteolytically processed by presenilins at synapses. Based on this interaction and the role of presenilins in familial Alzheimer's disease (AD), we hypothesized that dysfunction of the… CONTINUE READING