Genetic study in Panaquire, a Venezuelan population.

  title={Genetic study in Panaquire, a Venezuelan population.},
  author={Dinorah Castro de Guerra and H Arvelo and A Rodr{\'i}guez Larralde and Francisco M Salzano},
  journal={Human heredity},
  volume={46 6},
Panaquire is a population in Venezuela founded in 1733 by Spaniards from the Canary Islands. In order to define the genetic characteristics of this population the following loci were studied: ABO, RH (Cc, D, Ee), FY, K, JK, HB, ESD, ACP1, HP, TF, CP and ALB. Its sociohistorical features were also investigated. Historic censuses reveal that ethnically Blacks were the most important group in this village during the year 1800 (76%), followed by Amerindians (9%), Mulattoes (5%) and Whites (7%). The… CONTINUE READING

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