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Genetic programming - An Introduction: On the Automatic Evolution of Computer Programs and Its Applications

  title={Genetic programming - An Introduction: On the Automatic Evolution of Computer Programs and Its Applications},
  author={W. Banzhaf and Frank D. Francone and Robert E. Keller and Peter Nordin},
1 Genetic Programming as Machine Learning 2 Genetic Programming and Biology 3 Computer Science and Mathematical Basics 4 Genetic Programming as Evolutionary Computation 5 Basic ConceptsThe Foundation 6 CrossoverThe Center of the Storm 7 Genetic Programming and Emergent Order 8 AnalysisImproving Genetic Programming with Statistics 9 Different Varieties of Genetic Programming 10 Advanced Genetic Programming 11 ImplementationMaking Genetic Programming Work 12 Applications of Genetic Programming 13… 
Introduction to genetic programming tutorial: from the basics to human-competitive results
  • J. Koza
  • Computer Science
    GECCO '10
  • 2010
This tutorial will describe advanced topics, such as use of a developmental process within genetic programming; implementations of automatically defined functions, memory, iterations, recursions; parallel processing; the connection between Moore's Law and the results produced by genetic programming.
Evolutionary Computation: from Genetic Algorithms to Genetic Programming
This chapter presented the biological motivation and fundamental aspects of evolutionary algorithms and its constituents, namely genetic algorithm, evolution strategies, evolutionary programming and
A Study of Genetic Programming and Grammatical Evolution for Automatic Object-Oriented Programming: A Focus on the List Data Structure
The results show that grammatical evolution performs better than genetic programming and object-oriented genetic programming, with object- oriented genetic programming outperforming genetic programming.
Automatic programming using genetic programming
  • K. Igwe, N. Pillay
  • Computer Science
    2013 Third World Congress on Information and Communication Technologies (WICT 2013)
  • 2013
The generational GP algorithm was implemented using the grow method to create the initial population, tournament selection to choose parents and reproduction, crossover and mutation for regeneration purposes, and a form of incremental learning which facilitates modularization.
Human-competitive machine invention by means of genetic programming
  • J. Koza
  • Computer Science
    Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing
  • 2008
The points that genetic programming now routinely delivers human-competitive machine intelligence for problems of automated design and can serve as an automated invention machine are made.
On linear genetic programming
Typical GP phenomena, such as non-effective code, neutral variations, and code growth are investigated from the perspective of linear GP.
Automatic Quantum Computer Programming: A Genetic Programming Approach (Genetic Programming)
The Power of Quantum Computing, Genetic and Evolutionary Computation, and Genetic Programming: Conclusions and Prospects.
Genetic Programming and Autoconstructive Evolution with the Push Programming Language
This article describes Push and illustrates some of the opportunities that it presents for evolutionary computation and two evolutionary computation systems, PushGP and Pushpop, are described in detail.
Genetic Programming and Data Structures
  • W. Langdon
  • Computer Science, Art
    The Springer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science
  • 1998
Genetic programming has started to show its promise by automatically evolving programs whose performance is similar to or even slightly better than that of programs written by people.
A software framework for genetic programming
Genetic Programming is an automatic programming methodology using mechanisms inspired by biological evolution that has been applied successfully for a great number of differe ...