Genetic profile of nine STR loci among Goud and Padmashali populations of Andhra Pradesh, India.

  title={Genetic profile of nine STR loci among Goud and Padmashali populations of Andhra Pradesh, India.},
  author={G. Pandu and K P C Gandhi and Jayashri Devi Sharma and Gyaneshwer Chaubey and Kumarasamy Thangaraj},
  journal={Forensic science international},
  volume={157 2-3},
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Unique origin of Andaman Islanders: insight from autosomal loci
It is concluded that the Andamanese “Negrito” mtDNA lineages have survived in the andaman Islands in complete genetic isolation from other South and Southeast Asian populations since the initial settlement of the region by the out-of-Africa migration.
Genetic affinity and admixture of northern Thai people along their migration route in northern Thailand: evidence from autosomal STR loci
Different admixture patterns of the KM along the migration route might indicate high heterogeneity among the KM, suggesting other factors, like variation in the timing of admixture with the existing populations may have had an important role.


STR data for the AMPFlSTR profiler plus loci among four predominant populations of Eastern India.
Data for the AMPFlSTR Profiler Plus Loci among Four Predominant Populations of Eastern India shows clear trends in the number of hunter-gatherers and the types of habitats inhabited by these populations.
STR data for the Amp FlSTR Profiler Plus loci among Golla population of southern Andhra Pradesh, India.
STR Data for the Amp FlSTR Profiler Plus Loci Among Golla Population of Southern Andhra Pradesh, India shows that the Golla population is more mobile than the rest of the state, and the number of mobile homes is higher than the other states.
CAG repeat expansion in the androgen receptor gene is not associated with male infertility in Indian populations.
Analysis of the CAG repeat motif in the AR gene in 280 men with azoospermia and in 201 men with normal fertility suggests that what is true for one population may not be true for other populations.