Genetic polymorphisms of the Caucasus ethnic groups: distribution of some serum protein and red cell enzyme genetic markers (Part I).

  • Ivane S Nasidze
  • Published 1995 in
    Gene geography : a computerized bulletin on human…


The compiled data on the distribution of polymorphic serum proteins (HP, C3, GC), red cell enzymes (ESD, GlO1, PGD, AK1, ADA, GPT, PGP, PGM1, ACP1) and also on some monomorphic systems (ALB, CAI, CAII, CP, G6PD, HBA, HBB, IDH1, LDHA, LDHB, MDH1, PEPA, PEPB, PEPC, PGM2, PHI, TF) in the Caucasus are presented. The interpopulation heterogeneity test shows a… (More)


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