Genetic polymorphism of the murine myogenic gene Myo-D1.

  title={Genetic polymorphism of the murine myogenic gene Myo-D1.},
  author={Peter H. Kay and Petrea Jacobsen and Ming Hui Zheng and John M. Papadimitriou},
  volume={99 2},
Polymorphism of the myogenic gene, Myo-D1, has been sought to examine genetic mechanisms which control skeletal muscle development. By Southern analysis, three restriction-fragment length polymorphisms (RFLPs) have been found in various mouse strains using the TaqI, SacI and BglII restriction endonucleases and a full-length cDNA Myo-D1 probe. Reference to the distribution of RFLPs in different mouse strains derived from Mus mus (M.m.) domesticus and M.m. musculus subspecies suggests that Myo-D1… CONTINUE READING