Genetic pathways to glioblastoma: a population-based study.

  title={Genetic pathways to glioblastoma: a population-based study.},
  author={Hiroko Ohgaki and Pierre Dessen and Benjamin Jourde and Sonja Horstmann and Tomofumi Nishikawa and Pier-Luigi Di Patre and Christoph Burkhard and Danielle Sch{\"u}ler and Nicole Probst-Hensch and Paulo C{\'e}sar Maiorka and Nathalie Baeza and Paola Pisani and Yasuhiro Yonekawa and M. Gazi Yaşargil and Urs Martin L{\"u}tolf and Paul Kleihues},
  journal={Cancer research},
  volume={64 19},
We conducted a population-based study on glioblastomas in the Canton of Zurich, Switzerland (population, 1.16 million) to determine the frequency of major genetic alterations and their effect on patient survival. Between 1980 and 1994, 715 glioblastomas were diagnosed. The incidence rate per 100,000 population/year, adjusted to the World Standard Population… CONTINUE READING